What is the EASE Study?

The EASE study aims to evaluate whether an investigational device, called the “Materna Prep Device”, can make childbirth safer and less likely to cause injury to one of the pelvic floor muscles.

When a baby is born through the vagina, it can sometimes cause injuries to one of the muscles in the surrounding area. The muscle can get hurt when the baby’s head passes through the vagina, especially when it’s being pushed out. This injury can lead to problems after childbirth like pelvic organ prolapse which includes symptoms of vaginal pressure, or feeling a bulge or lump coming out of the vagina.

Right now, there is no proven way to prevent this injury. While there are some different techniques, such as massaging the area around the vagina or using hot packs, they vary a lot in how they’re done and when they’re used, and their effectiveness.

The Materna Prep Device is a tool used during the early stages of labor that gently stretches the vagina and surrounding muscles, which may reduce injury to one of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina. Essentially, it’s preparing your pelvic floor muscles to handle the strain of childbirth more smoothly, just as you would warm up your muscles before a workout.

Downloadable Brochures for you to learn more about the EASE Study and Materna Prep

EASE Study Brochure

EASE Study Patient Recruitment Data Summary